Sun Temple

The Surya Mandir or Sun Temple is one of the most spectacular shrines as well as an architectural wonder that adorns the city of Gwalior. As the name suggests, the temple is dedicated to the holy Sun God and was constructed in the year 1988 by the famous industrialist G.D. Birla. Built on the lines of legendary Sun Temple at Konark, Orissa, the Sun Temple of Gwalior is a magnificent amalgam of exquisite architecture in red sandstone and pearly white marble.

As you encounter the outer edifice, you will see the red sandstone exterior of the Sun Temple built in the manner of gradual slots that reach up to the peak of the facade. A splendid idol of the Sun Lord is enshrined in the temple. Although not constructed long ago, it is among the most revered shrines in the ancient city attracting tourists and devotees from all over the country in large numbers.