Outdoor Grills

Gas grills for easy outdoor cooking

Gas grills may not give you quite the same flavor as their charcoal counterparts, but they’re still a very popular choice for outdoor cooking. By using natural gas or liquid propane, a gas grill can reach optimal cooking temperatures much faster than charcoal; which means no one at the cookout bothers you every five minutes to ask if the food is ready yet. They also have larger cooking surfaces so you can fit more food onto the grill, which is great if you’re cooking for a crowd or like to meal-prep. Many gas grills also have side burners for cooking sauces, side dishes, or even desserts, as well as secondary racks under the lid to keep finished food warm while you wait for everything else to get done.
Other models that plug into your home’s existing natural gas lines can save you even more money, since you don’t have to pay to exchange empty cylinders. To help you find the grill of your dreams, I’ve picked five of the very best gas grills you can buy.