Food Processors

Incorporating a food processor into your kitchen can save you tons of hands-on prep time so you can get to the good stuff–cooking and eating–faster. A food processor equipped with a sharp, multipurpose blade is capable of chopping and grinding almost any ingredient you can think of, from onions for stock, nuts for fresh peanut butter, and graham crackers for a pie crust. They can also be used to mince herbs, puree baby food, and emulsify dressings.

Most food processors also come with attachments that can be used to knead bread and pizza dough, shred blocks of cheese, and slice vegetables in several thicknesses, making them true kitchen workhorses. We did our research, finding and testing the top models for design, usability, performance, ease of cleaning, and more. Here are the best food processors for kitchens of all sizes with price and frequency of use in mind, as well as disc sizes and special features.

What to Look for in a Food Processor

When it comes to food processors, size really does matter. A very large food processor won’t do a great job at chopping small amounts, and emptying a small food processor repeatedly can get annoying. Some food processors solve the problem by including bowls of several sizes.

Disc Options

It’s great to have options for different shredding and slicing sizes, but if a food processor comes with a large number of disks, you need to find a place to store them. Some food processors have reversible blades with different sizes or functions, while others have disks with adjustable cutting sizes. Do you need multiple disk options?

Special Features

How will you use your food processor? Do you want special options, or will a basic model fit your needs? While pretty much every food processor has a chopping blade and can slice or grate using a disk, some models may have extra features, like an accompanying recipe app or various color options.